How to Use Twitter’s Auto-Captions for Voice Tweets

Twitter has launched a new tool that allows users to include subtitles with their voice tweets. Users will be able to add captions to their voice tweets as a result of this change. Voice Tweets are a unique method for users to express themselves on the microblogging platform, which would otherwise restrict them to a maximum of 280 characters. Currently, the function is only accessible on iOS devices, but Twitter plans to extend the service to include more platforms in the future.


When opposed to the traditional plain text format, this functionality allows Twitter users to express themselves more emotionally via their tweets. The non-invasive nature of the system also makes it useful for visually impaired users and anybody who prefers talking over typing.

What is the Best Way to Utilize the Twitter Voice Tweet?

Captions may be launched by clicking on the ‘CC’ button located in the upper right-hand corner of the voice tweet window. Additionally, only new voice tweets will be eligible to make use of this functionality. Users may also attach voice tweets to normal text messages, either to provide more context or to allow others who are visually impaired to hear what you are saying.

Twitter allegedly introduced the new function last year, but it is just now making it available to the general public. After its debut, the feature was criticized for not including subtitles, which was later corrected. Voice tweets, on the other hand, now include captions, according to a recent update to the social media site.


Because of this new feature, when users make a voice tweet now, captions will be automatically generated in a variety of languages, including English and Japanese as well as Spanish and Portuguese. Other languages supported by the feature include Turkish and Arabic as well as Hindi and French as well as Indonesian and Korean.

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