It’s Now Easier to Install the Windows Subsystem for Linux

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Microsoft released the Windows Subsystem for Linux on the Microsoft Store over a year ago, but so far, it has only been available as a “preview” there. Now, it’s now generally available for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

The WSL in the Microsoft Store is dropping the Preview label, and it’s now generally available for everyone using a recent version of Windows. From now on, it’s becoming the standard way to install the WSL on a Windows system — running the wsl –install command will now download the Microsoft Store version, and likewise, updating it will also now bring you to the Store version as well.

Microsoft says that this allows the company to roll out updates much faster and easier than when WSL was a Windows component. And it even comes with some handy improvements to mark version 1.0. You can now opt-in for systemd support, and Windows 10 users are also now able to use Linux GUI programs as well.

The full changelog is available at the source link below. If you want to give this new version a spin, make sure to update now — or if it’s your first time downloading it, just go straight to the Microsoft Store.

Source: Microsoft

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